Latest Reports from our Clinic:

Implementation of Disease Prevention Programs for MCCH Patients

January 2018 – Newsletter

Pride About What Exactly?

December 2017 – Newsletter

Delivery of Essential Goods to the Victims of the Mandras Flashfloods.

Improvements to the Greek Public Health System: The Government’s Untrue and Dangerous Story

October 2017 – Newsletter

Shrinking Budgets means Cancer Patients Wait

Closing Social Pharmacies! What’s going on?

September 2017 – Newsletter

Under Funding of the Greek Public Health System and Its Improvement Don’t Mix

July and August 2017 – Newsletter

June 2017 – Newsletter

May 2017 – Newsletter

Refugees – MCCH and NGOs

April 2017 – Newsletter

Program for Diabetic patients

Smiling Solidarity Captured in a Photo

Screening for Skin Cancer Prevention

Access for the Uninsured: Who is Creating Obstacles and Why?

Support for the Kalamata Social Solidarity Clinic

March 2017 – Newsletter

February 2017 –  Newsletter

Supplies for uninsured diabetics, why not from private pharmacies?

January 2017 – Newsletter

Appeal for Baby Formula and Milk

December 2016 – Newsletter

November 2016 – Newsletter

Action for Breast Cancer Screening and Prevention

A Summary of Activities of 28-29 October

October 2016 – Newsletter

September 2016 – Newsletter

The Sale of Helliniko: Not good for growth, not good for recovery, simply catastrophe

Another International Recognition for the Metropolitan Community Clinic at Helliniko

Launching the Solidarity Caravan from France

July and August 2016 – Newsletter

Solidarity, Our Answer to Despair without Hope

Why the Misinformation and PR Stunts?

The Initiatives between MCCH and Europe Continue

A Significant Involvement between MCCH and the European Parliament

May 2016 – Newsletter

Two day Event in Geneva for M. Community Clinic at Helliniko

The Drama of a Patient with a Rare Disease

A Calculated Abuse of the Term of Solidarity

Implementation of the New Law for the Uninsured. What are the facts?

March newsletter

Yet Again, Cancer Patients in Desperation at Laiko Hospital

Cost Free Access to Public Health for the uninsured. Which law are we talking about?

About Refugees: Citizens show the way. What are the government and European Union doing?

What is this New Law for the Uninsured?

A Humanitarian Crisis according the United Nations

A Donation from French Supporters

Important Press releases:

The Inequalities in Health Care during the Crisis



The Metropolitan Community Clinic at Helliniko staffed with a growing network of volunteer doctors, dentists, pharmacists, therapists and support staff provides FREE medical assistance to the UNEMPLOYED, the UNINSURED and the poor.

Our moto is: “No One Alone in Crisis!”

Telephone : +30-210-9631-950 email:

Opening Hours : (Monday – Friday 10:00-20:00)  (Saturday 10:00-14:00) GREEK LOCAL TIME (GMT + 2)

Postal and Visiting address :

(inside the old American military base at Elliniko)
Post code 16777
Elliniko, Attiki,

Directions for getting to the Clinic and Location on the map

“In which country” a video showing the results of the tough austerity measures that the Greek people had to undergo for the past 5 years.
The video was prepared by the Metropolitan Community Clinic at Helleniko, Greece