Month: October 2014

Just How “Humane” is the Ministry of Health?

We’ve gotten used to it.  A new Greek Minister of Health takes the job and we hear lots of promises.  What we refuse to get used to is the heartless and inhumane way that the leaders of the Greek Ministry

Deafening Silence from the Media about the Indictment in the Hague

  A German woman has brought a suit in the International Criminal Court in The Hague against those who have impoverished a large numbers of our fellow citizens.  This has passed virtually unnoticed by the media.  It is an important

The Mission of Medical Aid to Gaza Completed Successfully

The journey to provide pharmaceuticals to the Gaza Strip and the Palestinian people has been completed.  The struggle for a free Palestine goes on. Representatives of the radio station 105,5 Red, the humanitarian organization Fair Planet, as well as the

It’s time for Justice

We have, unfortunately had many opportunities here at MCCH to see that human rights are often violated in this country.  This is mainly due to the insensitive policies that have been applied to the Greek public health system in recent

Another Donation from Hamburg

On the 21st of May 2014 we published an article by the German DW (Deutche Welle) giving it the title “Lessons of Solidarity Taught by our Friends in Hamburg Germany”. The proceeds of two organized concerts went to buying