Month: November 2014

Serious Allegations from the Director of the Pediatric Clinic at Xanthis General Hospital

As part of the 3rd nationwide meeting of patients (Patients in Power) in Greece, which was held 7-8 November 2014, the director of the pediatric clinic of the Xanthis General Hospital, Dr. Dimitris Adamidis made several serious accusations during his

“Independent” Justice

Everyday people, battered by the endless daily problems in their lives are aghast and shocked whenever they read press reports that judges, who instead of getting to grips with the myriad problems of society, become energized and angry only when

What’s really going on in the Greek National Health System

  We’ve been writing lately about the endless hurdles faced by the indigent in Greece.  The bottom line is that if you are poor and need health care, be prepared to meet incredible bureaucratic hurdles.   Read more here:  (in

Metropolitan Community Clinic at Helliniko. Three years since founding. Three years of service.

This December MCCH will have been providing service to the community for three years.  We plan to celebrate!  On the 14th of December there will be a blood drive, the Christmas Bazaar as well as a children’s theatrical production.  A

“Volunteer Community Clinics and Pharmacies as a new way of social and political action. The example of the Metropolitan Community Clinic at Helliniko (MCCH)” A Dissertation by Chrysa Kousoulenti

It is our great honor to gain the attention of academics, both in Greece and abroad, especially when they focus their attention on our activities and activism. Chrysa Kousoulendi, a graduate student in Social Policy at Pandeio University submitted her

Another Generous Donation of Medicines  

On October the 16th we were again delighted and grateful to receive once more a visit from Forder-und Freundeskreis Elliniko e.V. This group was established in Hamburg, Germany to help the solidarity movement in Greece as far as health is