Month: December 2014

Three Years of Service and Solidarity Celebrated

On Sunday 14 December 2014 the volunteers and friends of our clinic organized a bazaar to support MCCH.  There was also a children’s theatrical performance, a blood drive in cooperation with the Dimitris Vlon Blood Bank and the Sotiria General

How much is the life of a small child worth according to the Greek Ministry of Health?

  We published a press release last week regarding the anguish of a family of a 3 year old who did not have the money for a life saving operation.  That story had a positive outcome (after a lot of

To the Ministry of Health: Do we have to mourn a child before you intervene and do something?

Update 4 December 2014 The events that led to our accusation took place last evening and was reported in an article by the Huffington Post . (This article, in Greek, chronicles the trials of the uninsured parents of a 2

What does all this human suffering serve?

Most Greeks who hear the terms “Troika” and “money lenders” don’t see anything personal in all this.  The troika gives Greece guide-lines to follow, money is exchanged and if that happens, they let us be.  End of story.  But of

MCCH makes another donation of medical goods to a public hospital

    We wouldn’t have said anything about giving pharmaceutical and medical goods to the General Hospital of Thebes if their administration hadn’t announced it first.  Not because we’re so modest, but because, quite simply, it is nothing new.  This