A Calculated Abuse of the Term of Solidarity


26April 2016 Helliniko

A Calculated Abuse of the Term of Solidarity

We’ve noticed lately a methodical misuse of the word, and the meaning of “Solidarity”.  But why; what’s going on exactly?

The most insidious way the concept is misused is to dress up a power grab in the garb of “solidarity”.  You can read more about this in our press release, “When the word Solidarity Loses its meaning” in May of 2015.

The next step is to degrade the word “Solidarity” either calling something which has nothing to do with the concept solidarity or slandering actions of solidarity with lies and misinformation.

Finally, when the spirit of solidarity multiplies, those in power will use these methods to try and re-take control of events.

During this crisis period in Greece, solidarity amongst the people has grown tremendously and taken on gigantic proportions.  So perhaps, it’s natural that lately there has been a palpable backlash from the powers that be.

There has been a huge increase in misinformation.  For example the death of a 17 year old refugee at Helleniko was supposedly because of a contagious disease.  The truth is that this particular young refugee suffered from an autoimmune disease and had a severe heart condition.  The arduous journey she had undertaken as well as not having regular access to needed medications were the sad reasons why this young person died.  The 17 year old was taken to a public hospital on the 14th of April, but her parents, taking responsibility, took her back to the camp.  Her health further deteriorated and she was re-admitted to hospital and intubated.

Now, there are increasing news reports about contagious diseases coming from the refugees and that this endangers residents in the area.  This has led to increased gossip and official hand wringing.  Fear mongering is in play.

Even the medical association issued, yet once again, a press release, designed to communicate fear and panic. They speak of a public health crisis in the temporary shelters for refugees where this unfortunate incident occurred.

For the last several months, our clinic has participated in assisting this particular refugee camp and we can irrefutably state that there are no endemic contagious diseases.  Without question the conditions under which these people live are not good and we don’t approve of them.  Of course they should be transferred to a place that is safer cleaner and more organized; a place with appropriate living conditions.

But as long as they stay at Helleniko, we should all shout loud and do what we can to make the conditions there as good as possible.  We need calm and cooperation from everyone to address the problems which are huge.  What we don’t need to listen to voices which instil fear regarding things and situations that don’t exist.

All the doctors in all of the health centers are making superhuman efforts every day for the care of the refugees.  We, as a social clinic, continually support many of the refugee centers throughout Attica and Greece with delivery of medicine and supplies.

No one has the right to say whatever they want regarding these patients without speaking to the doctors who serve in these refugee centers.

True, unvarnished solidarity frightens power and has done throughout time.  And as the spirit of solidarity grows, it becomes a target.  This was the lesson of Aeschylus in “Prometheus Bound” when the violent state accuses Prometheus (who, in solidarity with the people, shared the knowledge of fire) of wanting:

“To learn the power of Zeus and then toss away his philanthropic disguise.”

We are here to support Greeks and refugees without any distinction, because we are all human beings.  And we’re here to ensure that what is said reflects reality and not some sort of nightmare fantasy.



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    Congratulations for all you do and for speaking out

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