May Newsletter




May 2016

The Metropolitan Community Clinic at Helliniko conducted 1,109 patient visits in May.  Psychologists provided therapy to 41 patients.  Our dentistry saw 41 adult patients and one child in a scheduled appointment.  Emergency therapy was offered to 13 adult refugees and 20 children.  One refugee patient needing an endodontist was taken on by a private dentist on a volunteer basis on two occasions for significant therapy.
With the help of labs working with us, we were able to provide:

  • Blood analysis – 42 patients
  • Imaging tests – 8 patients
  • Ultrasound tests – 11 patients
  • Specialized eye exams – 9 patients
The pharmacy, in addition to distributing medication to our own patients provided support with donations of medicine and medical supplies to:

  •  Seven patients with welfare books referred to us by hospitals
  •  Three exceptional cases of those who had urgent need of specific medications which have disappeared from the market.
  •  Five people incarcerated and in police custody
  •  Eight specific cases of refugees, who came to our clinic for pharmaceutical treatment.

Additionally the Pharmacy distributed medication to other organizations:

  •  22 other social clinics throughout Greece
  •  10 Non-Governmental organizations
  •  20 Organizations and groups which support refugees (hospitality centers, etc).
  •  Four public hospitals in Greece.
We received donations of medicine and medical material from:

  • 207 individuals in Greece
  • 19 individuals from outside the country
  • Eight social solidarity organizations and other community clinics.
  • One public school
  • Three labor unions
  • Seven organizations that support us from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Czechia
  • Five other associations and groups
We were visited by representatives of the Spanish network CGT (, the office of the High Commisioner of the United Nations for Human Rightes (OHCHR), an independent film producer from Austria, a representative of Doctors without Borders, and Dr. George Vichas gave an interview on the ERT1 program “Both Sides”
 You can listen to the radio program “Solidarity on the Air” of MCCH on ERT radio, every Saturday from 15:00 – 15:30. (91.6 and 105.8, FM) (in greek)
 Other activities:

  • During May, as well as in the previous months, the doctors and other volunteers of Metropolitan Community Clinic at Helliniko continued to help with the care and needs of the refugees at Helliniko, in the Hockey field and a newly occupied space created in the reception hall of the old airport.  We are supplying (and will continue to supply) their dispensary with medicines and supplies.
  • The theatrical team of the Metropolitan Community Clinic at Helliniko presented a children’s show “The Melody that Made the Stars Speak” by Dr. G. Vichas.  There were two performances, one at the 1st public school of Kallithea, at the invitation of the parents association and the second one at Kolono at “The Ark of the World”.
  • MCCH participated in various events in May represented by Dr. George Vichas:
    • The round table on 11 May at Pandeo University the subject “The Crisis and work in Greece: New Activities”
    • 14 May a meeting and discussion at MCCH with the special rapporteur Francois Crepo on refugees and migrant’s human rights.
    • 21 May a talk at the Greek American Union with an open discussion on the subject of “Volunteerism and the danger to health for the volunteer.”  On 26 May a public discussion and a theatrical performance “Rachel Corrie, from the diary of an American activist, murdered in Gaza” directed by Manias Papadimitriou.


 The Metropolitan Community Clinic at Helleniko is a volunteer clinic providing cost-free primary health care to the uninsured, the unemployed who are without resources.  We believe that that ALL should have equal and cost free access to the public health system.

“As long as austerity and the brutality continue, we will continue to combat it…”

Communications Team
Metropolitan Community Clinic at Helleniko