A Significant Involvement between MCCH and the European Parliament

26 June 2016 Helliniko

 A Significant Involvement between MCCH and the European Parliament

On the 15th of June, Dr. George Vichas, representing the Metropolitan Community Clinic at Helliniko participated in an event organized by Rebeca Harms, the president of the Green Euro-parliament members.  Also participating were a group from Hamburg including Kalliope Brandsater, Hinrich Stechmann and Ulla Stechman, Elias Tsolakidis from the social clinic of Katerini and the newly formed group from Brussels with Birgit Urban.  Attending were Euro-parliament members from the Greens including Fraziska Maria Ska Keller and also Stelios Kouloglou and George Kyrtsos, Greek Euro-parliamentarians.

Dr. Vichas emphasized two themes.  The first was the worsening of health in Greece because of the austerity policies and the responsibility for that from both the Greek government and the troika from the beginning of the crisis up to the present day.  The second theme was the imminent sale (and scandal) of the old airport at Helliniko. The result of the discussion was more than satisfactory

Regarding health, the Greens as well as Euro-parliamentarians of other parties, have taken the initiative to demonstrate the consequences of austerity to both the Euro-parliament and to the European governments, the troika of creditors and through the European press to call for an exception for the health sector from the grip of austerity.

As to the sale of the old airport, they regarded this criminal and will move to highlight the negative aspects of this “investment” both for the economy, the environment and for the community

Rebeca Harms intends to visit Helleniko soon to assess these two issues.  She will also travel to Skouries and the tobacco factory in Katerini which houses the volunteer community clinic there.  The rural development ministry wants to evict the clinic and “develop” the buildings.

The cooperation between communities and citizens in Greece, Germany and Belgium led to a substantive event and future actions will be announced soon.  The tragic consequences to health, and the issue of the scandalous sale of Helliniko and the issue of the tobacco factory in Katerini will emerge for the first time on the European level in their proper dimension.

We were pleased and proud at this outcome and want to thank all those who helped these last few years to achieve this.

The “Friends of Helliniko” from Hamburg and Brussels.


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