Launching the Solidarity Caravan from France

5 October 2016Helliniko

Launching the Solidarity Caravan from France

The group “Solidarity France/Greece for Health” along with 25 other groups based in France decided to organize a solidarity caravan in October 2016 in support of the Greek people.

The caravan left Lyon on 15 October heading toward Greece.  Their aim is to bring medication and health supplies from France to Greece.  Volunteers from all the groups are participating – French citizens giving their time for this effort to show their support through their participation.

The Metropolitan Community Clinic at Helliniko will welcome the caravan from “Solidarity France Greece for Health” at an event on Saturday 22 October at 18:00 at the Community Center of Helliniko, next to our clinic.

For this event, we invite all the self organized social clinics and other solidarity groups and individuals who would like to take part.

There will be brief messages of welcome from those attending.  The medication and supplies will be transferred from the caravan and placed at the disposal of the social clinics.

The widespread participation of solidarity groups illustrates the positive action of French solidarity.



Working Hours
(MONDAY – FRIDAY 10:00 – 20:00)  and (SATURDAY 10:00 – 14:00)
CONTACT PHONE NUMBER: +30 210 9631950
ADDRESS: Inside the old American Military Base,
(200m away from the Traffic Police of the Municipality
of Helleniko, next to the Cultural Center of Helleniko)
Post code TK16777, Elliniko, Attiki, Greece


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