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December 2016

MCCH conducted 554 patient visits in December 2016.

  • Psychologists saw 38 patients.
  • Our dentistry had 41 patient visits. Of those, 25 were refugees from the refugee center in Rafina.
The pharmacy, in addition to distributing medication to our own patients in December provided support with donations of medicine and medical supplies to:

  • Eight other social solidarity clinics
  • One hostel supporting the homeless
  • Seven requests for help from social services of hospitals
  • Two public hospitals
  • Two foundations that support groups with specific needs
  • Two Municipalities
  • 27 requests from groups assisting and working with refugees
  • One foundation supporting persons with special needs
  • Three requests from police stations for the incarcerated. .

 This is the result of very hard work done by the volunteers who check, organize and insure that each package of medicine which reaches us is in proper order.  But even more so, it is thanks to the fact that the medicine reaches us to begin with.  The many donations of medicines from individuals in Greece and abroad as well as companies and organizations allow us to assist those who need it.

In December we received donations of medicine and medical supplies from:

  • 186 individuals in Greece
  • Seven individuals from France, Spain and Austria
  • Three Greek pharmaceutical companies
  • Three churches which had collected medicines
  • One embassy from a European country
  • One organization of doctors from abroad
  • One KAPI (municipal organization for support of the elderly) which had collected medication
  • Six organizations/clubs
  • The Organization of Solidarity toward the Greek people from Switzerland

We warmly thank all of these donors.  Without their help, we wouldn’t be able to do our job.

We were visited by:

  • Javier Romero from the Spanish organization Refugee Care
  • A group of filmmaker from Belgium
We participated in the following:

  • An interview on ERT for the program “Stasi ERT on 5/12
  • On 10/12 Dr. Vichas gave a talk in Drama with a presentation to the social clinic of the city with the subject “The Public Health System, the major victim of Austerity”.
  • On 15/12 a presentation by the Hamburg based group “Assistance for MCCH” in Hamburg

The radio program “Solidarity on Air” of the Metropolitan Community Clinic Helliniko is aired every Saturday from 15:00 – 15:30, throughout Greece on 91.6 and 105.8 FM (aired in Greece, in Greek). December featured programs with the following subjects:

  • The experience of crises, homelessness and social organizations in Greece and Latin America
  • School phobia, what is it and what’s behind it?
  • My Country, a self-organized social association with multiple activities in Katerini, with a social clinic.
    You can here these programs at
    (in Greek)
Other activities:

  • The theatrical group of MCCH presented the children’s play “The Melody that made the stars speak” by George Vichas presented on 11 December 2016 at the 26 & 29 primary schools Archanon, invited by the Parents Association and trustees of the school.
  • Bazaar: On Sunday, 4 December the “Friends of MCCH” achieved a great success with the Christmas Bazaar and Children’s celebration. For the last five years, the volunteers and large numbers of friends of the clinic, again made the difficult look easy and presented a very successful bazaar.  Despite the difficulties caused by a lengthy power cut, no one let it discourage those hundreds of people assisting and attending the MCCH bazaar and supporting the clinic.  The only ones losing in the day were our young friends who missed the opportunity to play in the inflated games in the garden.
The Metropolitan Community Clinic at Helleniko is a volunteer clinic providing cost-free primary health care to the uninsured, the unemployed who are without resources. We believe that that ALL should have equal and cost free access to the public health system.

“As long as austerity and the brutality continue, we will continue to combat it…”

Communications Team
Metropolitan Community Clinic at Helleniko

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