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February 2017

In February 2017 MCCH:

  • 520 patient visits in February 2017.
  • Psychologists saw 49 patients.
  • Our dentistry had 38 consultations for refugees who were urgent cases.
  • Eight patients with eye problems were helped to find suitable glasses
The pharmacy, in addition to distributing medication to our own patients provided support with donations of medicine and medical supplies to:

  • 15 exceptional emergency cases of patients with urgent need for medication and had no other way of obtaining it
  • Five public hospitals
  • 10 other community clinics
  • Two hostels supporting the homeless
  • Two municipalities
  • Three organizations protection under aged children
  • Two international organizations providing medical care to those in need
  • 47 requests from groups assisting and working with refugees

This is the result of very hard work done by the volunteers who check, organize and insure that each package of medicine which reaches us is in proper order.  But even more so, it is thanks to the fact that the medicine reaches us to begin with.

In February we received donations of medicine and medical supplies from:

  • 337 individuals in Greece
  • Two individuals from France and Belgium
  • Four social organizations of municipalities
  • Three worker’s associations which collected money to purchase items for our clinic
  • Four churches which had collected medicines for us
  • 11 organizations and associations (solidarity associations, cultural groups etc.)

In February we sent out an appeal for baby milk and baby food.  The response from the public was overwhelming.  Our deepest thanks to all.

We were visited by:

  • Marco Maisano, MEDIASET – ITALIA 1 “LE IENE”
  • Telephone interview – with channel 9 concerning the appeal for baby food
  • Telephone interview with Mr. Constantine Papanelopoulos of 9.84 concerning our appeal
  • Sue Reid from the Dail Mail
  • Mika Pappa Sevou, secretary for Solidarity and Volunteerism from Independent Greeks.
  • ERT (live transmission) on the appeal for baby milk
  • The German Channel ARTE
  • Robert Schabus of Austria regarding a documentary with the subject “a critical analysis on the direction of democracy in Europe”. He is examining Greece because, as he writes, “on the one hand the country is the birthplace of democracy, but on the other, it is virtually impossible to take decisions.” He is also recording the impact on daily life.

Mrs. Vasso Kanellopoulou, member of the international organization Attac

The theatrical team of the Metropolitan Community Clinic at Helliniko presenteds the children’s play “The Melody that made the Stars Speak” by Dr. G. Vichas.
Presented on 5 Feb. 2017 at the 10th dimotiko school  Kallithea invited by the parents’ association of the school
The radio program “Solidarity on Air” of the Metropolitan Community Clinic Helliniko is aired every Saturday from 15:00 – 15:30, throughout Greece on 91.6 and 105.8 FM. February featured programs with the following subjects:

  • On 4 Feb: The disabled and the network Stekiradio state the obvious” To stop the cuts in benefits under the memorandum and the exclusion of those with disabilities with more red tape. To look at the deficiencies and access to many site, blocking free movement.
  • 11 Feb: “The use of new technologies in the service of solidarity movements and supporting the economy”: The development of technological solutions to support the operation of independent voluntary groups in Greece.  What is Digital Civics.  The application of different innovative solutions at MCCH.
  • 18 Feb. “Five years of MCCH, a small summation – 1st part”: Two volunteers from MCCH relate their personal experiences of working with uninsured patients and their experiences of solidarity at the clinic
  • 25 Feb. “Five years of MCCH, a small summation – 2nd part”: A description of all the steps that went into refusing the European Citizen award in 2015 by MCCH. And how we reached the decision to denounce the hypocritical character of this award by the European Parliament, both in Athens and Brussels.

You can hear these programs at http://www.mkiellinikou.org/blog/2015/12/17/arxeio
(in Greek)

The Metropolitan Community Clinic at Helleniko is a volunteer clinic providing cost-free primary health care to the uninsured, the unemployed who are without resources. We believe that that ALL should have equal and cost free access to the public health system.

“As long as austerity and the brutality continue, we will continue to combat it…”

Communications Team
Metropolitan Community Clinic at Helleniko

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