Program for Diabetic patients

Diabetes-Some of the symptoms are: Frequent urination, Exaggerated thirst, Exaggerated hunger, Unusual weight loss, Increased pulse, Blurred vision.
When you first learn you have diabetes, you should schedule: a)an exam with your doctor, b) a visit to a certified endocrinologist who will explain and inform you about diabetes and will discuss a course of treatment, c)additionally, a visit with a certified dietician knowledgeable in the field who will suggest solutions to issues arising from diet and nutrition.
If you do not get diabetes under control, there will be serious medical consequences, in the short-run and the long run throughout the body such as problems with: the eyes,the kidneys, the heart, the feet.
Source: “The Greek Diabetic Association”

17 May 2017 Helliniko

Program for Diabetic patients

 The Metropolitan Community Clinic at Helliniko continues its work to support our much belabored society.

We’re initiating a program stressing a personal approach to monitoring the disease.  Diabetic patients often have trouble maintaining a good balance of their condition.  The reasons for this are many, such as an inability to maintain proper diet because of economic problems.  Sometimes patients are eating at social kitchens and church meal programs – and that rules out being able to tailor their diet.  Psychology and depression can play a role.  All this and more can lead to bad habits and can even affect whether and when patients take their medication.

Under this program, small groups of patients (no more than 10) will check in with an endocrinologist once a week.  Subjects to be discussed can include the everyday management of the condition, alternative diet options and combinations, access to exercise and appropriate exercise, medication maintenance and discussions on other issues that need to be addressed. The goal is to improve the quality of life for the patients and to avoid unpleasant consequences of this disease in the future.

This particular program is available exclusively to patients of our clinic.  It is one initiative we are applying to put more emphasis on preventative medicine.



Working Hours
(MONDAY – FRIDAY 10:00 – 20:00)  and (SATURDAY 10:00 – 14:00)
CONTACT PHONE NUMBER: +30 210 9631950
ADDRESS: Inside the old American Military Base,
(200m away from the Traffic Police of the Municipality
of Helleniko, next to the Cultural Center of Helleniko)
Post code TK16777, Elliniko, Attiki, Greece

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