April 2017 Newsletter




April 2017

In April 2017 MCCH conducted 451 patient visits.

  • Our psychologists saw 22 patients.
  • Our dentistry had 20 visits, 17 of which were from refugees.
  • One cat-scan and one MRI was conducted
  • We distributed diapers and baby formula to 81 families with children 3 years old or less

We conducted a program of prevention of breast cancer.  Eight patients were examined.

In April we received donations of medicine and medical supplies from 195 individuals in Greece.  A significant amount of medicine and supplies came from the following sources:

  • One kindergarten
  • One public school
  • One church
  • Two citizens’ groups
  • One association

And finally, we received significant donations from associations in Luxembourg, Switzerland and Germany as well as individuals in Italy and Germany.

With these offering and the very hard work done by our volunteers who check, organize and insure that each package of medicine which reaches us is in proper order we are able to not only serve our patients, but to pass medicine on to others. In April, we were able to provide donations of medicine and medical supplies to:

  • Five other social clinics in Greece
  • Aniaton Hospice for the Disabled
  • The social pharmacy of Ellinikou-Argyroupolis municipality
  • The social services at Paleo Phalero municipality for the homeless
  • Solidarity Network of Leros
  • Doctors of the World
  • The International Organization of Migration (IOM)
  • Refugee Center, Lavros
  • Refugee Center, Schisto
  • Temporary housing center for refugees, for Athens Municipality
  • Refugee Center Elaiona
  • The organization Medin Residence
  • Caritas Greece
  • The Teen Consulting and Orientation Center located at the old airport at Heliniko
  • The NGO Praksis
  • Solidarity Now

Finally, we took the initiative to contribute a large number of important and expensive medications nearing expiration to two public hospitals.

We were visited by:

  • Prodromos Tritsos, journalist from Associazione IRENE
  • Pier Blattner, journalist from NZNTV STREET TELEVISION
  • Daniel Howden, journalist Refugees Deeply/Guardian
  • Christoph Mülleder. WELTANSCHAUEN
  • Marion Perrin and Alex Taupin, students from France

Andreas Merkens with a group of twenty people from Luxembourg


  • George Vichas representing MCCH participated in a number of presentations in Oslo, Norway from the 1st to the 3rd of April: i) Welcoming and a talk on austerity and its consequences in Greece, ii) Meeting and discussion on austerity and its consequences with union representatives of Norway and iii) Meeting with the Greek community of Oslo.
  • Akis Badoyiannis represented MCCH on 8 April at a public discussion on “Good practice and proposals for our current social problems” organized by the network Nature Friends Greece” The discussion featured representatives from the following groups:
  • Open School of Migrants, Piraeus
  • Workers group BIOME
  • Social kitchen “The Other Person”
  • The Roma Children’s Reading Club (Halandri)
  • The social solidarity network of Ilioupolis “The Lagoumi”
  • MCCH

Each group shared their experiences and social actions to support people and especially the more vulnerable after years of austerity policies

The theatrical team of Metropolitan Community Clinic at Helliniko presented the children’s play “The Melody that Made the Stars Speak” by G. Vichas.  It was presented on 9 April 2017 for one performance at Kaserianis Municipality by invitation of the group Triteknon, Kaserianis.

The radio program “Solidarity on Air” of the Metropolitan Community Clinic Helliniko is aired every Saturday from 15:00 – 15:30, throughout Greece on 91.6 and 105.8 FM. March featured programs with the following subjects:

  • 1 April: “Support for the Social Solidarity Clinic of Kalamatas” concerning the municipal authority’s order to vacate their premises.
  • 8 April “Anxiety, a part of our every day life” Discussion on how anxietyis an every day experience and the ways that we can better manage it.
  • 22 April “MCCH and the Solidarity Clinic of Corinth point out problems the uninsured have accessing PEDY (Greek Public Health Primary Care)” Problems created by some doctors who behave in a disrespectful manner to the uninsured and the interventions of the social clinics were discussed.
  • 29 April “We prepare for the General Assembly of MCCH on 3 May, volunteers outline problems and proposals for improvement”.  The teams from MCCH discuss new ideas and proposals for improving the way we do things.  Mistakes, omissions and lessons learned were cited for improvement in the way we serve.

You can hear these programs at http://www.mkiellinikou.org/blog/2015/12/17/arxeio
(in Greek)

The Metropolitan Community Clinic at Helleniko is a volunteer clinic providing cost-free primary health care to the uninsured, the unemployed who are without resources. We believe that that ALL should have equal and cost free access to the public health system.

“As long as austerity and the brutality continue, we will continue to combat it…”

Communications Team
Metropolitan Community Clinic at Helleniko