July and August 2017 Newsletter




July and August 2017

In July and August 2017 MCCH:

  • Conducted 578 patient visits
  • Our psychologists saw 25 patients.
  • Our dentistry had 9 visits
  • Two CT Scans and 2 MRI exams were conducted
  • We distributed baby formula to 98 families
In July and August we received donations of medicine and medical supplies from 201 individuals in Greece.  A significant amount of medicine and supplies came from the following sources:

  • One municipal social pharmacy
  • One church
  • One international organization
  • Two workers organizations
  • Two private clubs
  • One foundation

And finally, we received significant donations from

  1. Radio Station Expatriates of Australia which supports us every year with baby milks and medicines.
  2. Associations supporting our clinic from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Italy and Luxembourg.
  3. Individuals from France, Italy, Germany and Lichtenstein

With these offerings and the very hard work done by our volunteers who check, organize and insure that each package of medicine which reaches us is in proper order.  After filling the needs of our own patients, we can then respond to requests coming in from organizations throughout Greece.

In July of 2017 the pharmacy of MCCH, we are able to not only serve our patients, but to pass medicine on to others. In July and August we were able to fulfill requests for medicine and medical supplies to:

  • Two requests from the Social Pharmacy at Vyrona
  • Two requests from the Solidarity Clinic of Piraeus
  • One request from the Social pharmacy of Iliou
  • One request from the Club of Mutual Assistance of N. Kosmos
  • One request from Boarding facility of those with special needs of A. Anargeri
  • One request from the Social Clinic in New Smyrni
  • Two requests from the Refugee Shelter Center, Lavrio
  • One request from the Refugee Shelter, Schisto
  • One request from the Social Pharmacy of Leivadeon Municipality
  • One request from the nursing home of Piraeus
We also responded to requests from various organizations so they could assist patients in filling prescriptions.

  • One urgent request from a homeless fellow citizen.
  • One request from the group 18 Above
  • One request from the Clinic Artas
  • One request from the Social Clinic Corinth
  • One request from the Social Clinic Glyfada
  • One request from social services, P. Faliro municipality
  • Four requests from Medin Estia, medical intervention
  • Two requests from International Organization of Migrants
  • One request from the group KEFI
  • Three requests from KYADA Athens
  • Three requests from Social Services of the Hospitality Center of Elaiona
  • Nine requests from Caritas Greece program for hosting refugees
  • Five requests from Solidarity Now
  • 29 requests from Praksis

Additionally we took the initiative to distribute special milk and food supplements nearing expiration to Community Services of Public Hospitals

We also sent medication to one mission in response to their request.

The volunteers of MCCH work to ensure that, as far as they are able, no resources are lost.

We want those contributing items to our clinic to know that each gift is deeply appreciated and fully utilized and gives relief to those going through difficult times.

We were visited by:

  • Robert Schabus, an Austrian film maker together with his assistant Marie-Therese Vollmer.
  • Sandra Lumetsberger from KURIER MEDIENHAUS
MCCH distributed press releases on:

  • 7 July, “Greece Becomes a Colony”
  • 31 August “A Birth at the Side of the Road”
The Metropolitan Community Clinic at Helleniko is a volunteer clinic providing cost-free primary health care to the uninsured, the unemployed who are without resources. We believe that that ALL should have equal and cost free access to the public health system.

“As long as austerity and the brutality continue, we will continue to combat it…”

Communications Team
Metropolitan Community Clinic at Helleniko