Shrinking Budgets means Cancer Patients Wait

26 October 2017 Helliniko

Shrinking Budgets means Cancer Patients Wait

Complaints from hospitals are increasing concerning serious shortfalls in equipment and medicines.  These shortfalls are a natural reflection of the shrinking budgets and the money having run out for hospital funding in September.  Zoi Grammatoglou, president of the Organization for Cancer Patients, Volunteers, Friends and Doctors (KEFI) informed us that Attiko Hospital has no medicines for tomorrow’s chemotherapy. There is not only a shortage of certain specific medicines there are shortages of many medicines, and the result is that cancer patient’s needs are – at best – uncertain.  Cancer patients’ health is most certainly threatened.

We were in touch with Attiko a few hours ago and whatever we have at the Metropolitan Community Clinic at Helliniko that meets their needs will be sent immediately.

Meanwhile, patients, doctors and hospital support staff are most justifiably furious.

The government has to face this problem immediately along with all the other problems caused by budget short falls affecting all patients, and not just cancer patients.  The “success story” we’ve been sold, whether from “the left” or “the right” is simply inhuman.

It is beyond a tragedy that for seven years, we are living with such problems, again and again and again.


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