Photo Album

 Below is a photo album with some of the activities of the clinic, our volunteers and our friends.


The goal of MCCH is to offer cost-free primary health care (physician care and medication) to uninsured, unemployed and indigent patients. The aim is to serve. MCCH and its volunteers have no illusions about replacing the Greek national health system, nor do we wish to. Quite the opposite, we strive for a Greek public health system open to all and for it to give a high level of service.




MCCH is a consensus based organization, without a president, leaders or a pyramid system. The organogram above illustrates the structure of the clinic where all volunteers have an equal voice. All major decisions are taken in assembly. Specific positions are given (by vote) for strictly organizational reasons.



MCCH has a theatrical team which presents children’s plays. By way of admission, we request medication, baby formula or diapers.


The highest level of organization in MCCH is the general assembly of all volunteers which take all of the major, non medical decisions for the clinic.



MCCH has received visits from dozens of foreign high-placed media representatives including the New York Times, Washington Post, the Independent, Telegraph, the BBC, CNN, Huffington Post, Deutsche Welle, Suddutsche Zeitung, El Pais, etc. This photo features well known reporter Naomi Klein who visited us in May of 2013



The clinic’s basic operating needs, building and utilities are provided by the Municipality of Helleniko-Argyroupolis. Other than that, we accept no financial gifts from anyone. Volunteers and friends of the clinic organize an annual bazaar which covers some of our needs. Additionally, we gladly accept gifts of medication or goods or volunteer labor.


Our “non-physician therapists”, are volunteers who come from a number of different professions. In this photo, one of our pharmacy volunteers, Professor Kostas Kalafatis, reads a story to some of the young friends of the clinic, during the Christmas bazaar in December of 2013



Our ongoing and unrelenting battle on behalf of the uninsured, have made us known within the community. We have found allies in other community clinics and volunteers pharmacies in Attica. This photo is of the first meeting of voluntary community clinics and pharmacists from the entire Attica region in July of 2013.




Because the clinic relies 100% on the solidarity and support of the community, from time to time there is a need for various medicines, infant formula and other items. All of the appeals we have made to the public have had an overwhelming response. These photos show the results of two appeals. Top right, we needed 50 boxes of a specific, quite expensive infant formula and we received 108 within 24 hours!!



At the end of May 2013 we had a difficult moment. A small angel from Syria, only 2 months old came to us under-nourished; her kidneys did not work properly. She weighed less than 3.5 kilos when she arrived – a minimum of 1 kilo underweight. Our pediatricians followed her and we provided the appropriate nutrition. Two months later, she came back to MCCH, at the weight she should be. Our joy is apparent.



Our volunteers work tirelessly so that MCCH can serve a huge number of patients. The clinic now sees and average of 1,500 patients per month and at times 100 in a single day. These photos are in our pharmacy where more than 60 volunteers work to keep all in order and organized.


Our clinic is not only the building and our volunteers. There is a large network of people who support us. Some of these are from outside Greece. The photo above we see German activists who are informing other citizens in Frankfurt about the situation in Greece and more specifically, about our clinic. Many of these have sent medicines and other needed items.



A large number of people from all walks of life, employees, and business persons make a great effort to support our efforts. These 12 women, with the support of the companies, painted the outside of our clinic in October of 2013.



The Dental clinic at MCCH started operation in September of 2012 and serves dozens of people every week. The total number of volunteer dentists, periodontists, and oral surgeons serving us both inside and outside the clinic, has reached 32.


MCCH is battling on two fronts. One is to provide primary care and medication to persons who have a need, the second is the make known to the public the reasons why our fellow citizens are requesting our help. This second battle is often carried to the streets outside the hospitals and ministries


The reception area at MCCH is the heart of our clinic and the role of the volunteers there is particularly important. They are the first line and they work often under extreme pressure. In total, the clinic has 16 different shifts of 2 and 4 hours, allowing us to work 6 days a week.



Our pediatric department works with 6 pediatricians and dozens of family receive the primary care their families need every week. In addition, we provide assistance with infant formula and diapers, as well as vaccinations. A total of 303 children and infants under 3 years old are being assisted presently. We also try to give all the children a toy to brighten their day.



Delegations of our doctors have repeatedly, offered their services to nursing homes, and other institutions both in the region and from as far away as the island of Paros. We also provide goods and medicines to any organization, public hospital or other community clinic which has a need within our abilities to do so. This photo shows a delegation to Paros.


The clinic has attracted dozens of journalists from outside Greece and activists from countries throughout Europe who want to learn about the immediate effects of the crisis on public health in Greece. We have received members of parliament from many European countries, representatives of the Council of Europe, the United Nations and other international organizations.


Because of the large international visibility of MCCH, we have received many invitations to participate in various conferences outside of Greece. And we have also received a great deal of assistance from outside Greece. The “Ambassadors of Greece” a Greek Australian organization (photo lower right) provided us with medication on two occasions, and the “Solidarity Caravan” (photos upper left) travelled throughout Italy, passing through 15 cities in Italy where 100’s of Italians learned about MCCH and many sent medication to assist our work.